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Angela Russo

Angela Russo Artworks .jpg

To surround yourself in art that encapsulates joy and makes you smile every time you look at it is so wonderful. Collectors of my art have described my artworks as "Pieces of Happiness" and this fits in with my mission which is to help people find their happiness and their joy through connecting them with what makes their heart sing. The key to happiness is in us and you need to immerse yourself in what makes your heart sing - whether it is spending time with a beloved pet, or out walking in nature, listening to beautiful music, or being in the presence of the animal kingdom, watching the sunset or reflecting on the memory of a wonderful holiday you experienced. It is in these moments that a shift occurs, an uplifting of one's spirit.My artworks are about capturing the peace and happiness and joy of life.

Commissions of artworks that capture your joy whatever that is, the animals, the places, or the people are welcomed.
I specialize in animal portraiture, cityscapes, landscapes and figurative work (especially musicians) and angels.

Angela Russo Artworks.jpg
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